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With specific regards to our Sleeping Giants report, we've distilled it down to the following names that BotTrigger has already accumulated (ICON for example) & will be adding further weight to once we get a deep correction on the. following names. We've already largely taken positions on the following but will only be adding to these once we get at least -50% correction on everything across the. board. Always remember, all cryptos will drop more than -50% at least 4 to 7 times per year along their primary term uptrend. ALL OF THEM. BTC, NEO, ETH, DASH for example all will lose half their value more than a few times thru out the year. Our goal is to trade around these massive corrective cycles by "reducing" and never selling entirely, with the intent of increasing position size.

We've invested a lot of resources getting in-step with creating a core portfolio across both stocks & crypto to reap the benefits of blockchain exposure in quality positions for both of the portfolios. And it was for good reason, with the ICO (initial coin offering) space completely stealing the show from traditional equity funding by more than 6x at around $3 billion in capital raise from the ICO landscape:

Really think about that for a moment....beyond the fascinating revolutionary innovation that is Blockchain....this is especially why we've been so adamant to address why it was inevitable that the herd was indeed coming.

You now have that "traditional equity funding" value-chain which largely consists of the trifecta-chain of 1) Silicon Valley that hunts the talent ...2) delivers to Goldman Sachs...3) which then plates the offering to Wall Street via IPO.

That value chain has been struck off it's high horse and leveled the playing field to allow anyone in elementary school with a Bitcoin / Ethereum wallet to now take Grandmas birthday money and kurplunk it on an ICO that he/she read about on Reddit. Obviously that's not where the lion share of this capital influx is coming from...merely dramatizing the audience exposure and network effect that is occuring in this space. Now that's not to say that it doesn't come with it's own risks & perils. With the lack of regulation in the space, there are shilers & money grab projects/schemes pervasively throughout Crypto and so intensive research & diligence is imperative in this space.

Moving on ...

Before we get into out Sleeping Giant picks, I want to shed some important perspective of what the crypto environment is capable of...many are unaware that more than 80% of all the 1400 some different cryptocurrencies are sporting market-caps that are 10x to 100x higher from when they first started trading on the exchanges. Too many are actually much higher than 10x from 100x to 1000x to 1 million x higher in market-cap, and thus the commensurate gains that were made had you merely held on to a vast majority of these coins was astronomical.

This is not financial advice: we are merely sharing with our Members what BotTrigger is doing, and it's been more than kind to us.

The theme of 2017 was centered around ETH BTC DASH & our most published buy alerts were largely around NEO.

The theme of 2018 is still squarely rooted in having NEO ranked no less than a top 3 holding by allocation weighting. We haven't sold any of our NEO and have no plans to at the present time. With that said, the aim for 2018 is to identify the next positions that have NEO-like potential. Our Sleeping Giants picks are centered around a diversified strategy of allocating in the following positions effective immediately today, January 20th. Note* these allocations & positions are subject to change as the landscape unfolds on the basis of both technical and fundamental narratives that play out.

For the sake of simplicity, we are segmenting our Crypto portfolio into 3 Model Portfolios:

  • Crypto Core: Everything that currently is allocated in the existing Crypto portfolio which will consist largely of the most established projects & currencies - Conservative Positioning

  • Sleeping Giants : Everything in our Sleeping Giants Report that we believe has the momentum & use case to 2x to 5x by years end.

  • Gems Folio: Focusing *only* on what we perceive to be quality projects that are absurdly undervalued relative to their future trading value

One last note, you will notice that the majority of our picks in this report are more weighted on Blockchain Protocol infrastructure plays and less so around dApps (decentralized applications). We couldn't agree more with Lynn Purcell from SeekingAlpha on his article titled: Forget Cryptocurrencies, Invest In Platforms

Blockchain protocols such as Ethereum, NEO, Cardano, LISK, Waves, Stellar Lumens, ICON, EOS, IOTA etc...these are the developer tooling platforms that Developers will build dApps upon...think of them kind of like Apple iPhone's iOS market place or Android's market place which is the platform that Developers build apps on top of. We believe it's the Blockchain Base Layer Protocols(Etherum, NEO, ICON etc) that will take lead and accumulate the most market share from Institutional & traditional crypto investors in the long haul for 2018, net wise. Think about it for a second too...your Charles Schwab and you're creating a syndicate outfit dedicated to producing alpha in the crypto space...are you going to invest the lion share of your weightings into random token projects or in solid blockchain proliferation platforms like NEO & find the next superior Ethereum platform with better tech? In crypto, it's critically imperative that you don't FOMO the chase on all these pump cycles that you will see ad infinitum...they will distract you from the real gains to be made HODLing quality projects with a money trail of backing & eager developer community.

So although you will see lots of glorious pumps in the crypto arena...we're going to keep our focus largely on Blockchain Protocols & we're also very bullish on Privacy Cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Verge, ZCash, Zcoin, Cloak, Colx, Phore.

With specific regards to our Sleeping Giants report, we've distilled it down to the following names that BotTrigger has already accumulated (ICON for example) & will be adding further weight to once we get a deep correction on the. following names. We've already largely taken positions on the following but will only be adding to these once we get at least -50% correction on everything across the. board. Always remember, all cryptos will drop more than -50% at least 4 to 7 times per year along their primary term uptrend. ALL OF THEM.

Without further ado:



ICON: ICX “Hyperconnect the World”


Interviews & Media:


Newest Partnership Announcement with Kyber $KNC for DEX conversion:


Per their website, ICON (ticker $ICX) aims @ interconnecting blockchain networks allowing cross communication capability for all Platform Protocols to communicate with one another. ICON can connect independent blockchains without the use of additional third-party intermediaries. Various blockchains can communicate with each other through the ICON platform. By connecting siloed blockchains, ICON aims to become the largest blockchain in existence.

To do this, the ICON team is building a massive platform that will allow various blockchains to interact with each other via smart contracts. Existing within what developers brand the ICON Republic, communities will connect with each other using ICON’s loopchain technology. ICON’s end game is to provide a platform where players from financial, security, insurance, healthcare, educational, and commerce industries and beyond can coexist and transact on a single network.

ICON has been in development for two years to date. It was founded by Dayli Financial Group, a Korean Fintech company valued at $4 billion that also owns the popular Korean exchange Coinone.

ICON tokens, $ICX are used as an intermediary currency when transacting amongst the various blockchain networks. As an inter-chain blockchain, the ICON platform will be able to host other ICOs on the ICON platform.

As we've discussed before, crypto 2018 will be a great year for platform coins. In crypto there are niche specific sectors that are especially thriving for their use case potential for cryptocurriences. One of our favorites is the dApp (decentralized applications) platform proliferation coins like $ETH, $LISK, $ARK, $NEO, & $ADA Cardano. We’ve covered quite a few already and in fact made both $ETH & $NEO among our top core allocations. Ethereum was first on set, but that doesn't make it best of breed. We're not taking the position that there will be other dApp proliferating platforms that will inevitably dethrone Ethereum. Yes, Ethereum has scalibility issues as we've seen on a number of instances this year and yes there are already dApp platform builders with with superior tech like NEO & ADA Cardano....but as of right now, Ethereum is still the de facto platform with the lion share of cryptos being built on. Ethereum

With Ethereum ICO price at $0.20 just this year, and price gains to almost $1000 by the end of 2017, we are confident that the coins to be watching out for are the ones that offer scalable, efficient development tools for their users.

One project that really stands out for its long term potential is ICON. This project is backed by a team of over 50 employees and 25 partner companies, and was created by Dayli Financial Group: - a powerhouse of Korean Fintech Startups.

It’s mission statement is nothing less than bold but it hopes to cement itself as a leader in blockchain interoperability and development, meanwhile tackling traditional scaling issues. ICON is the largest blockchain network in South Korea and is lead by 5 consortiums - Securities, Banks, Universities, Hospitals and Insurance. They have full backing from the Korean Government.

The ICON team are attempting to build one of the largest decentralized networks in the world. To kick things off and give you an idea of how that looks, the ICON network already boasts large communities of reputable institutions including banks, hospitals, and universities. The dApps that are built on the ICON network will allow for a seamless payment system, as all

other ICON participants will be able to accept ICX as payment. This means if insurance company issue ICX it can also be used in the hospital payment system if they are part of ICON.

ICON was created by the same team behind The Loop. The Loop/Loopchain is a distributed ledger company that have already built a large network of participants to use their blockchain solution, hence the immediate use cases for ICON..

Protocol Level + Interoperability: We have seen that the biggest winners in Crypto are those that provide infrastructure level solutions, the idea is that “fat protocols” will accrue the bulk of wealth in the near to medium term. ICON is not only a smart contract protocol in the vein of Ethereum it is also solving for interoperability. Interoperability is possibly the most underpriced infrastructure level element in the crypto space. It is an inevitable development that the blockchain ecosystem needs to develop on its way to maturity, Siloed projects need to be able to communicate for a truly decentralized ecosystem to manifest. However the interoperability space is only now beginning to build serious momentum (yes, this is still very early) and ICON is one of the earliest movers. We believe that interoperability will be the next big boom in crypto and ICON has its hat firmly in the ring.

Where to Buy ICON

Binance dominates ICON’s trading market, accounting for just over 90% of its 24/hr volume. 73.44% of this trading is done in BTC, another 15.89% in ETH. ICON’s other exchange, OKEx, has its own ETH and BTC trading pairs, along with a USDT pair with only 0.05% of the currency’s 24/hr volume.

Where to Store ICON

ICX, ICON’s coin, is an ERC20 token, so any Ethereum-compatible wallet, such as Meta Mask, Ledger Nano S, My Ether Wallet, etc. will support it. The ICON team also plans to launch their own web, software, and Android wallet either at the end of Q4 2017 or Q1 2018.

The ICON Team and What’s to Come

ICON’s team comes replete with 39 individuals from across the business, A.I., engineering, blockchain, and marketing industries. Its advisors include Don Tapscott, a Canadian business executive who has built his career on fostering technological innovation and adoption, and Jason Best, a Forbes top 10 crowdfunding organizer.

In the foreseeable future, the team wants to get most of ICON’s key features running. In Q1 2018, this includes expanding DEX’s reserve pools to major cryptocurrencies and integrating more blockchain communities into their network. They’re also looking to launch ICON V2, which will include such imperative infrastructure as C-Rep channels, public channels, and an A.I. advisor.

Final Thoughts

If ICON can function as well in the real world as it does on paper, this network may very well be the skeleton key that unlocks blockchain interoperability and connects these services to existing industries. The project’s whitepaper hashes out how ICON would fit into established industries, including healthcare, education, business, insurance, capital markets, and so on. Individuals and entities could not only use ICON for data transfers and monetary transactions, but they could also use blockchain I.D. on the ICON platform for identy verification and enhanced security measures.

Moreover, ICON’s DEX would provide users a potentially safer, all-encompassing alternative to traditional exchanges. When the team releases ICON’s core wallet, investors and enthusiasts will be able to trade directly from their ICON software, web, or mobile wallet without having to navigate a multitude of exchanges.

If all goes as planned, ICON could be integral to the real-world adoption of cryptocurrencies and formal integration of the blockchain into legacy businesses, enterprise, and markets.

The following information is extracted from the ICON Whitepaper, Website and Blog. It has been slightly reduced in length to provide a brief and easy to understand overview. Review the full ICON white paper here:

While most of these platforms and blockchains provide the below solutions already, TheLoop have already have amassed a wealth of clients that are already integrating their blockchain solutions. This adds immediate gravitas to ICON's potential.

TheLoop are powering the underlying blockchain solutions for the below markets and services, but ICON will connect them all. We’ll explain in more detail after we dive into the current use cases being implemented by LoopChain.



“Korea Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium” is the first industry wide blockchain consortium backed by 25 securities firms, and leads the innovation of domestic capital markets with it’s partner: Loopchain.” This consortium are already using blockchain services & Smart Contracts for BSI-based authentication, allowing of authentication and verification of digital signatures without a third party. The use cases will expand significantly through 2018.


The largest life insurance company in Korea and major university hospitals are working together on another blockchain pilot project, that will incorporate theloop’s blockchain technology into insurance claims and payment processes. The insurance industry will be rapidly disrupted by blockchain technology, as it typically requires third parties to validate transactions and data. With smart contracts, the costs are significantly reduced and the process is streamlined.


I hadn’t heard of this until I read the ICON white paper, and it’s really interesting and demonstrates how far ahead Korea are in terms of Blockchain adoption. U-Coin (University Coin) is a cryptocurrency for university students in major Korean universities, which has begun trial already.


Another large Korean Blockchain Consortium also exists in the Healthcare sector: Precision Medical Hospital Information System (P-HIS) and again, guess who’s powering the underlying blockchain? Loopchain.

This particular project aims to build the network to share medical data in a secure manner and broaden the scope of medical data distribution globally. Once again using blockchain cuts significant risks involved with improper disclosure of sensitive documents, records or information.


These are very much real world use cases of blockchain. Already implemented in the real world by ICON within Korea. Now ICON has the capability bridge connect the integration in place. This has the potential to hyperconnect the entire country on to the ICON Blockchain...and dare they say it...evnetually "Hyperconnect the World"

With ICON, multiple blockchains can connect to one another through ICON Nexus:

For example, Blockchain A may be the University, B the Bank, and C the Hospital. This is where the ICX (Icon Exchange) token comes into play.

Each Blockchain may have it’s own currency, but the “portal” as seen above works as a payment system similar to SWIFT. The portal can be made up of one or multiple nodes, managed by Loopchain.

The portal will allow each community to exchange and transfer values through ICX regardless of their own currency. It acts as a highly efficient bridging system for multiple blockchains.

So aside from this, ICON operate an AI-Driven Policy through their partner company DaVinCI LABS. Using big data analysis and AI, ICON Foundation have produced results that outperform traditional financial institution models that have been developed over decades.

ICON are using the DaVinCi AI solution to analyse all data derived from the network and to optimise it’s reward scheme for participants. By monitoring transactions with AI it will ensure that there is no bias towards either the growth of the network or the incentives to the participants.

To summarise: ICON will allow government departments, universities, hospitals, securities, banks and any private company to interact without third-party networks that charge transaction fees or delay the process. This paves the way for a hyperconnected society with less borders.

  • Whitepaper: 9

  • Security: 8

  • Blockchain: 10

  • Scalability: 9

  • Website: 8

  • Community:8

  • Research and Development: 8

  • Partnerships: 10

Total: 9


What is VeChain Thor?

VeChain (soon to be VeChain Thor) is a Blockchain-as-a-Service company with a mission to build “a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration, and high speed value transferring.”

The project has been around for over two years and already has customers using a working product – a rarity these days. Several industries including luxury goods, agriculture, logistics, food/drug, and governments are already using VeChain blockchain technology.

VeChain does a lot. Using the technology, you can track items through a supply chain, ensure the authenticity and quality of goods, as well as maintain the quality control of food products.

In this overview, we’re going to take a high-level approach covering:

  • How does VeChain work?

  • VeChain Thor

  • VeChain team & progress

  • Trading

  • Where to buy VEN (VET)

  • Where to store VEN (VET)

  • Conclusion

  • Additional VeChain resources

How does VeChain work?

VeChain began primarily as a supply chain company already with momentum but has pivoted to integrate blockchain technology via DApp platform.

Supply Chain Trust

VeChain uses a mix of blockchain technology and their in-house built smart chip to track items throughout their lifecycle. The smart chip can be implemented in different IoT items such as NFC chips, RFID trackers, or QR codes.

Although this may not seem like the most interesting technology, it serves an important role in ensuring product quality across industries. Let’s look at the luxury goods sector as just one example.

The luxury goods industry is wrought with counterfeit items – over $450 billion worth. With an item like a Louis Vuitton purse changing hands several times during production and distribution, you need to trust that the person before you is passing along something authentic.

VeChain, like other blockchain companies, removes the need for this trust. At every step of the process, you can scan the smart chip on each item to guarantee you’re receiving what you should be. Because the blockchain is an immutable ledger, you can trust that you’re receiving accurate information.

Although still missing, it’s not crazy to assume that this technology will be in the hands of consumers shortly. Soon, you’ll be able to check the authenticity of those sketchy flea market stand sunglasses with a quick scan from your phone.

Supply Chain Logistics

Beyond counterfeit protection, VeChain also improves logistics systems through simplified product tracking. Logistics is complex and often includes several separate systems that vary across businesses. Because of this, tracking products in the supply chain can be a huge pain. This is especially true when data has to be entered manually or when switching between processes.

Using VeChain, you just scan the item’s smart chip to get all of its associated data. This provides businesses with information that’s always current and an accurate account of each item.

Integrating with IoT devices, VeChain also helps with quality control. This is especially useful in the food and agriculture industry where something like a temperature change of a few degrees could ruin an entire product batch.

VeChain Thor

At the end of 2017, VeChain announced plans for a rebrand to VeChain Thor scheduled for February 26th, 2018. VeChain Thor is going to move the company beyond the supply chain into Enterprise DApp solutions similar to Ethereum. The new platform will use two different tokens:

  • VeChain Tokens (VET)

  • Thor Power (THOR)

VeChain Tokens (VET)

VET will be used by companies as the smart payment currency to run business activities on the blockchain. Businesses who hold more VET will be given higher priority and more rights on the new VeChain Thor blockchain.

Thor Power (THOR)

VET holders will be given THOR that they can use to perform smart contracts and run applications on the blockchain. This is similar to the way NEO produces GAS for its holders.

The base generation rate of THOR for VET holders is:

0.00042 THOR per VET per day

This is the minimum that the rate will be, and the VeChain Foundation will initiate votes to re-adjust it based on network usage.


VeChain Thor relies on nodes to maintain the blockchain ecosystem. Nodes receive THOR as a reward for maintaining the network. There are four types of nodes that are differentiated by their maturity date and the amount of VET that they hold:

  1. Strength Nodes – 10 day maturity period (minimum 10,000 VET)

  2. Thunder Nodes – 20 day maturity period (minimum 50,000 VET)

  3. Mjolnir Masternodes – 30 day maturity period (minimum 150,000 VET)

  4. Thrudheim Masternodes – 12/21/17 maturity start date (minimum 250,000 VET)

The three types of economic nodes (Strength, Thunder, and Mjolnir) receive rewards from the VeChain Foundation THOR pool in addition to the normal reward for holding VET.

The 101 authority nodes (Thrudheim) receive the same rewards as economic nodes plus 30% of all THOR consumed by blockchain transactions. The remaining 70% of THOR will be burned.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of VET needed to become a node. You still will receive the daily THOR reward no matter the amount you hold.

For those who appreciate a passive form of income on top of their investment, this is one of the best ways to earn yield on simply HODLing (holding) your coins. You don't need to acquire 10,000 VEN/VET to can stake at lower for even 5 VEN/VET. You get more yield however if you achieve the minimum requirement of 10,000 VET which qualifies your position as a Strength Node. The price of what each THOR will actually be as unknown at this time, but here is the Thor Calculator to give you an idea of what you'll be getting for simply HODLing.

VeChain team & progress

VeChain started as a subsidiary of BitSe, one of China’s largest blockchain companies. The Singapore-based team is over 150 members strong and have a myriad of talent among their top management.


Sunny Lu leads the team as CEO. For the majority of Lu’s career, he’s led IT and Information System projects for several luxury brands. Most impressively, he was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Louis Vuitton China.

Other members of the management team include CFO Jie Zhang who has 17 years experience in IT assurance and Advisor Bo Shen, the founder of Fenbushi Capital.


The team has been busy forming partnerships left and right with the two most notable being PwC and DNV GL. VeChain is part of the PwC incubator program giving them access to the firm’s massive worldwide network of clients.

DNV GL is a $20B company that provides services to oil & gas, power, maritime, and renewable companies. The strategic partnership with DNV GL should open the door for VeChain to a massive amount of potential clients.

Perhaps most importantly, the Chinese government has chosen VeChain to be the blockchain technology partner of the government of Gui’an. With a government that’s notoriously tough on regulations, this is an impressive feat.


On the supply chain side, Waltonchain and Modum are utilizing blockchain technology in a similar way to VeChain. However, logistics is a large industry. Moreso, each of the three companies appears to be focusing on different niches which helps to prevent direct competition.

Interest in enterprise DApp platforms has recently surged with competitors like Ethereum, Cardano, EOS, and NEO all rising in price. Even though VeChain has yet to release Thor, their sheer number of partnerships should help to solidify them among these higher market cap projects.

Where to buy VEN (VET)

The recommended place to purchase VEN (soon to be VET) is on Binance in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you don’t currently have either, you can purchase them using USD on either GDAX or Gemini. From there, transfer your Bitcoin and/or Ethereum to Binance and make the trade.

You can also see a complete list of exchanges where VEN is available on CoinMarketCap. Simply click on the symbol or name of project, then click on "Markets"

Where to store VEN (VET)

Currently, the only way to store VEN is in a wallet with ERC20 support. is a popular online option with a high level of community trust.

For an extra layer of security, you should use a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S. This offline wallet works in conjunction with MyEtherWallet to store your funds.

Soon, VEN tokens will automatically become VET. The team hasn’t released much information on this yet, but you most likely won’t have to do anything to participate in the change. However, it’s possible that you’ll have to transfer your new VET to an official VeChain wallet to receive THOR rewards. The wallet is scheduled to be released in Q2 2018.


VeChain is one of the most established blockchain companies in the industry. Not only do they have clients using a functional product, they have a team with extensive experience in the industry they’re targeting.

Having partnerships with giants like PwC and the Chinese government, they should have no problem growing their clientele. Some people may question their shift into the enterprise DApp space, but it looks to be beneficial for customers who are looking for a more robust blockchain solution to their specific business needs.

If VeChain continues at their current pace, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see VET as one of the top performers of 2018.

Additional VeChain resources





White paper:

  • Wanchain is part of the "Blockchain Interoperability Alliance" which includes the trifecta of:

  • Jack Lu, founder of Wanchain (co founder of Factom ticker $FCT).... it's not his first rodeo... Factom ended up doing 200x from the ICO price.

  • Like ICON, Wanchain incorporates blockchain interoperability

  • WAN's novel and higher functioning take on atomic swaps, and the alliance with ICON and AION, poise Wanchain in the sweet spot to parlay their momentum via network effect.

Also, since WAN is an Ethereum fork, there's no reason they cannot implement Raiden and Mirco Raiden on the network. Just imagine a totally anonymous DEX (Decentralized Exchange) built on Wanchain incorporating Raiden channels...

  • There is huge demand from USA, China and S.Korea as they were not allowed to participate in their ICO. We see time & time again that the ICO's that block the biggest crypto nations from participating in their ICO...are the ones that sell out within minutes and create a bottleneck reaction of high demand once they start trading on an exchange.

  • The main ICO ran out in less than a minute. Officially people estimate 4-10 minutes. However, it was much less. I sent my transaction on the first second but it was confirmed 4 minutes later. There were comments of people who sent on 50th second and missed out. This was perhaps the fastest ICO to sell out ever or a very close second to BAT which sold out in 35 seconds.

  • Unlike the $BAT (Basic Attention Token) ICO, individual caps means there were no whales who could pick up large quantities of WAN, therefore, it is very difficult for whales to suppress/manipulate the price. Being evenly distributed is important to avoid pump and dumps in the short term.

  • This is not another ERC-20 token. Wanchain is it's own protocol and hence has a much higher value than most ICOs this year. You can see on, the majority of top coins are protocols (blockchains) not tokens. In addition to this, there is no inflation, low circulating supply of 100M and POS means circulating supply will be reduced even more. Coins with POS or masternodes perform extremely well, just look at Dash.

  • Wanchain is hybrid mixture of ETH XMR & XRP all in one. In theory, it is superior to all of them. Firstly, it is a fork of ETH so has smart contract capability but already has POS and private transactions. It is better than XMR because it generates a new one time address for private transactions every time. Lastly it is better than XRP because it is actually decentralized and can allow banks (and normal people) to not only do settlements but also provide credit and lending facilities. The icing on the cake is that Wanchain connects all blockchains with its interoperability features.

  • This isn't a typical ICO which released a whitepaper after 1 day and ran it's ICO 2 weeks later. This has been in development for 2 years now and has a world class team behind it. They have experience in successful crypto projects and know what it takes to deliver.

  • The team is not greedy. They didn't aim to raise hundreds of millions. They set a fair and realistic cap which therefore allows incredible returns for ICO investors or those who buy in the first few days of being listed on exchange. The value for this project if they deliver on roadmap is at least 35b to 70b market cap which would be $350-$700. We would except this to be achieved either by market speculation or tangible progress of milestone achievement sometime withing the next 12 to 24 months.

  • Wanchain's target market is huge. There are billions of unbanked people worldwide who could benefit from using Wanchain banking facilities.

  • Corporate clients and govt. organizations can also benefit immensely from utilizing Wanchain's private chains. Think of how companies, hospitals, schools etc... have their own intranets only for their internal employees. However, they can still access websites on the internet. This can be done on Wanchain as well.

  • If you have made it this far, I want to stress the last but easily THE most important point. Wanchain is by far the best ICO to date from a regulatory standpoint. Even though it is frustrating to have a 3 month lockup of your ETH. They chose to not allow erc-20 tokens to be tradable in order to avoid any scrutiny from regulators. Anyone who is familiar with securities laws knows that regulators mainly look the ICO and what was done before and right after. When cryptocurrencies become regulated (this is inevitable guys, whether you like it or not). Each project will be heavily scrutinised by regulators and many will be deemed securities. Some governments will not care, but surely countries like U.S, Canada, China etc... Will set explicit laws that prohibit their citizens from buying certain coins and exchanges from offering them. Sure, there will be decentralized exchanges and a lot of crypto projects will survive because naturally cryptos are censorship resistant. However, there will still be a need for a legitimate blockchain that is approved for investment and utility for retail and institutional investors.

Wanchain has a corporate office in Texas which suggest they intend to make a their presence known here in America

In addition Jack Lu (founder) has a huge list of corporate clients from his time with Factom (also in Texas), including govt. organisations such as department of homeland security. It seems the team realises that America and China are two most lucrative markets for establishing huge corporate partnerships and right now it is a race between many top blockchain projects to get that regulatory approval here.

We think WANCHAIN will race out the gates with strong accumulation just like ICON did when it hit the exchange at around $.40 cents. Today ICON is above $10

Whats more, the pent up demand from having a KYC process to partcipate in their ICO, coupled with token lock-up for any bonus whales that got to participate in the presale rounds...make this a perfect storm of what we expect will be a strong bullish run once $WAN starts trading. ETA is around late January on the Binance exchange.





  • Stealth Addressing: Sending & receiving addresses are impossible to decipher.

  • Community born open source project with no ICO.

  • Transactions cannot be revealed by using a blockchain explorer

  • IP addresses of both the sender & receiver are totally obfuscated

Completely anonymous and privacy-focused

Verge uses multiple anonymity-centric networks such as Tor and I2P. The IP addresses of the users are obfuscated and the transactions are completely untraceable.

There is plenty of room in the sea of privacy coins. Anonymous transactions are bigger than just money laundering, tax evasion & cartel's $10 trillion per year economy's freedom of financial expression for everyone around one's right to anonymity.


  • Gihub repository is very active with over 30 repositories and about 12 commits updated and worked on almost daily by over 40 contributors.

  • Compared to the king privacy coin Monero with over 5300 commits & 139 contributors. There is no denying that Monero's development team is more dedicated, but Verge is growing and will only get wider adoption

  • Millennial & X generation adoption is strong due to social & viral marketing memes. We believe it would be foolish to imagine that social engagement is not a key metric in gauging the viability of user adoption. The social stats rank on reddit & twitter comparatively to Verge's other privacy decentric neighbors such as Monero & ZCash is remarkable, and thus where a decent share of the surging volume has likely come from.

  • SOCIAL: Of all the privacy decentric cryptocurrencies, Verge has the largest social activity on both twitter & reddit. Make no mistake about it, social engagement is a crucial part of how a platform / trend gets capital inflows. Ultimately it's those capital inflows that feed the beast/machine/AI

  • Volume has been steadily increasing near competitive Monero $XMR levels

Monero maintains lead in dollars in/out on volume & highest privacy coin market cap @ $6 billion

  • This is either an outlier surge or the beginning of a new dynamic. Capital inflows from the surge are transacting.

  • VERGE: $159.5 million 3-month average daily volume

MONERO: $152.9 million 3-month avg daily volume

So we have to ask....will the current capital stick around & use Verge. Ultimately, we don't take the "winner takes all" approach with the Verge vs Monero vs ZCash vs Zcoin. We are currently long Zcoin in the crypto folio and adding exposure to privacy coins with Verge is position we're confident that being #XVGHODLERs is a trend worth investing in due all of the above. Keep in mind, that Verge just ran up almost 6500% in less than 30 days....we've since pulled back to the $.06 cent low and wouldn't at all be surprised to see another retest of those lows if not lower. A lot of money was made on verge so it's not unreasonable to expect heavy transactional moves / aka "ringing the register." Right now Verge is sitting on 1 leg off the $.06 cents would be healthy to see it retest the $.06 cent mark if not flush lower and bounce yet a new support bottom that allows Verge to find firm footing, build new energy & coil for the next bull run back up to $.30 cents. Mark my words/technical opinion, Verge will inevitably retest $.30 cent highs.

We'll see you there





Phore (PHR)

Privacy Coin

Note* Phore is NOT part of our Sleeping Giants folio but is on our watch list for our Gems folio for undervalued projects/platforms/cryptocurrencies that have strong potential.

Of special interest regarding Phore is running a Phore Masternode if the price can come down to around the $20K mark.

After the introduction of the revolutionary Bitcoin in 2009, the development of crypto currencies in 2017 has taken a huge flight with many varieties with enormous improvements on speed, security, anonymity, fees and more. Think of Dash, Zero Coin, Zecash, Pivx and others.

Now Phore has landed, a digital privacy cryptocurrency with a focus on sustainable development and growth. Phore uses Proof of Stake and Masternodes to secure the network and provide for a deep level of privacy and security. Phore has relatively fast block times compared with Bitcoin and low transaction fees. Further a decentralized market place based on Openbazaar 2.0 code will be launched shortly.

Phore is a digital privacy cryptocurrency, an update and rebrand of KryptKoin (KTK) which was launched in May 2014.

  • Ticker: PHR

  • Market cap: ± 35M

  • Exchanges: Cryptopia

  • Current circulating supply: 9.9M

  • Total supply: 11.5M

  • Website:

  • Block Target: 60 seconds

  • Transaction Fee: 0.001

  • Confirmation: 6

  • Block Maturity: 50

  • PoS Stake reward: 2.8 PHR

  • Masternode reward: 4.2 PHR

  • Masternode Collateral: 10,000 PHR

  • Inflation rate: until block 250,000 ± 10,000PHR per day, after block 250,000 ± 7,000 PHR/day. The inflation rate is therefore deflationary. Currently that would be 0.1% per day.

The Technology

Phore is an anonymous digital currency and a decentralized marketplace utilizing OpenBazaar

  1. code base, for which the last one is going to be released in Q1 2018.

Looking at the use of Phore as a cryptocurrency, there are some elements that makes this technology interesting:

  • The network is secured through Staking and Masternodes. Staking incentives wallets to hold coins, generating blocks roughly every 60 seconds. On top of that incentivized Masternodes are deployed and make Instant transactions possible. Beside that a Masternode gives the right to vote for suggestions provided by the development team to decide the direction of the project.

  • In the current system 10% of each block reward goes to the development fund. With an increasing value of the PHR token this means a higher revenue for the dev team that will be used to expand the team.

  • Staking can be done from 1 PHR token in the wallet, so even with $4.50 USD one can start earning dividends theoretically. Obtaining a Masternode can be an interesting way to earn a even higher passive income. At the moment of writing these are the benefits below.

In Q4 2017 Coin mixing through the Zerocoin protocol based on libzerocoin was implemented. This protocol provides 100% untraceable private transactions. For more info check here.

Encryption is based on the highly secure BIP38 standard. You can download their native Phore wallet directly from their site which is always a huge + if you want to take your $PHR coins off the exchange and hold them on your desktop where you are the sole owner of your private keys to access your $PHR coins

You can download the wallet here →


Some of the greatest pearls shared by Jesse Livermore:

“Money is made by sitting, not trading.”

“The desire for constant action irrespective of underlying conditions is responsible for many losses in Wall Street even among the professionals, who feel that they must take home some money everyday, as though they were working for regular wages.”

“Buy right, sit tight.”

“Nobody can catch all the fluctuations.”

“There is a time for all things, but I didn’t know it. And that is precisely what beats so many men in Wall Street who are very far from being in the main sucker class. There is the plain fool, who does the wrong thing at all times everywhere, but there is the Wall Street fool, who thinks he must trade all the time. Not many can always have adequate reasons for buying and selling stocks daily – or sufficient knowledge to make his play an intelligent play.”

“It takes time to make money.”

“Don’t give me timing, give me time.”

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