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The best way to invest in trending momentum stocks

Catch Rallies Before They Happen & Exit Tops Before They Break.

High-Analysis Coverage & Evidence-Based Research Behind Every Trade We Take. 

✓ Buy & Sell Signal

✓ Momentum Stocks Alerts    

✓ Real-time Buy & Sell Alerts

✓ Chart Pattern Recognition

✓ Trend Change Alerts

✓ Options & Common Stock Trade Alerts

✓ Breakout Stocks & Bottoming Patterns

✓ Special focus on AAPL, AMZN, NVDA, TSLA, BTC

Mobile & Email Trade Alert Notifications Sent to Members in Real-Time

Derived from a robo algorithm, BotTrigger is an emotionless stock picker that identifies strong momentum in *high quality stocks* in a confirmed uptrend. 

About Us

We've Upgraded

BotTrigger has partnered with Trumpia for enterprise delivery of all Mobile Text & Email Trade Alerts now sent simultaneously with zero lag. Global integration now supported with over 100+ countrie's cell phone carriers.

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Unbiased trades

All trades here are unbiased, emotionless alerts that get triggered based on our proprietary algorithm. We don't argue with a Bot's  proven backtests which handedly beat the market by more than  22% low to 68% high yoy over the last 5 years.

real time

trade alerts

Actionable trade alerts with our exact buy & sell entries are communicated to Members both by mobile SMS/MMS text message & email alerts. All trade alerts are in real-time with a full summary laying out both the technical & fundamental analysis on why we're taking a particular buy or sell.

audited tracking

Every week you'll see clear cut reporting that shows you the gain/loss on each trade, deriving the cumulative win ratio.  Since Jan 2016, we've only had 3 negative trades (less than -15% draw-down) relative to the SPY.  This is a live report as we go.


Since 2000, BotTrigger accurately got you out before the major corrections that plagued markets for years.  Our Backtest model saved you -50% downside corrections in the .com bubble of 2000, the financial crisis of 2007 & the most recent sideways action that has developed over around 2014 - 2015.

September 2016 →BotTrigger formally issued a Buy Signal on the broader Market and went on record with the following publications to explain why. As published here:

BotTrigger finds momentum stocks that are moving strong & fast in healthy confirmed uptrends defined by higher lows & higher highs. When the trend looks weak or breaks, BotTrigger will issue a real time Sell Alert.


The BotTrigger Experience

We all know what it's like to catch a solid trending rally but how many times have you given it all back, and even worse...sold lower?  Ouch!  It's happened to the best of us. 


That's why we created BotTrigger.  A stunning algorithm with a spectacular win rate that stacks the odds in your favor, helping you ride the waves and exit before a major pullback.

Happier Account Log-ins

Nothing is bulletproof when it comes to the market, but make no mistake, BotTrigger will make sure your logging-in to more wins than losses.  In fact, BotTrigger is brutally objective getting you out of a losing trade.

Although BotTrigger can stomach a drawdown, it will non-negotiably limit heavy losses by exiting any position that breaks a healthy trend. 

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The BotTrigger Algorithm

BotTrigger's secret sauce is rather simple & straightforward. 

BotTrigger scans for high probability setups on stocks that

are likely to either breakout, continue trending higher, or

breakdown for that matter. 


  • Momentum

  • Price Action

  • Volume Breadth

  • Macro Pattern Formations.

It does this by mapping some very key technical indicators that quantify the power & health of a stock's trend, relative to the prior trend, all within the context of pattern recognition.


Some of the indicators that influence BotTrigger's results are very classic, successfully proven indicators, such as: RSI, Stochastics, MACD, Chaikin Money Flow and some key others. 



Whats unique here → BotTrigger merges many of these powerful momentum indicators and looks for an alignment amongst them, all that confer the same inference. 

How to use BotTrigger

Email & Mobile Notification
Email Alert →  You'll get an alert notification every time we buy/sell. The report will also indicate exact price-entry for new holdings & exit prices of any positions that were closed out. More importantly, we treat our Members intelligently like the jury in a court room. We present the evidence on why we're taking the trade. I'll tell you this much we're right far more often than we're wrong: 54 positive trades vs 9 negative trades from 2016 to present (stats updated 7/15/17). Full transparent record inside the Members area.
Mobile Text Alert → You'll also receive real-time mobile alerts for exact entry & exits.