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The best way to invest in trending momentum stocks

Catch Rallies Before They Happen & Exit Tops Before They Break.

High-Analysis Coverage & Evidence-Based Research Behind Every Trade We Take. 

✓ Buy & Sell Signal

✓ Momentum Stocks Alerts    

✓ Real-time Buy & Sell Alerts

✓ Chart Pattern Recognition

✓ Trend Change Alerts

✓ Options & Common Stock Trade Alerts

✓ Breakout Stocks & Bottoming Patterns

✓ Special focus on AAPL, AMZN, NVDA, TSLA, BTC

Mobile & Email Trade Alert Notifications Sent to Members in Real-Time

Derived from a robo algorithm, BotTrigger is an emotionless stock picker that identifies strong momentum in *high quality stocks* in a confirmed uptrend. 

About Us

We've Upgraded

BotTrigger has partnered with Trumpia for enterprise delivery of all Mobile Text & Email Trade Alerts now sent simultaneously with zero lag. Global integration now supported with over 100+ countrie's cell phone carriers.

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Unbiased trades

All trades here are unbiased, emotionless alerts that get triggered based on our proprietary algorithm. We don't argue with a Bot's  proven backtests which handedly beat the market by more than  22% low to 68% high yoy over the last 5 years.

real time

trade alerts

Actionable trade alerts with our exact buy & sell entries are communicated to Members both by mobile SMS/MMS text message & email alerts. All trade alerts are in real-time with a full summary laying out both the technical & fundamental analysis on why we're taking a particular buy or sell.

audited tracking

Every week you'll see clear cut reporting that shows you the gain/loss on each trade, deriving the cumulative win ratio.  Since Jan 2016, we've only had 3 negative trades (less than -15% draw-down) relative to the SPY.  This is a live report as we go.


Since 2000, BotTrigger accurately got you out before the major corrections that plagued markets for years.  Our Backtest model saved you -50% downside corrections in the .com bubble of 2000, the financial crisis of 2007 & the most recent sideways action that has developed over around 2014 - 2015.

September 2016 →BotTrigger formally issued a Buy Signal on the broader Market and went on record with the following publications to explain why. As published here:

BotTrigger finds momentum stocks that are moving strong & fast in healthy confirmed uptrends defined by higher lows & higher highs. When the trend looks weak or breaks, BotTrigger will issue a real time Sell Alert.


The BotTrigger Experience

We all know what it's like to catch a solid trending rally but how many times have you given it all back, and even worse...sold lower?  Ouch!  It's happened to the best of us. 


That's why we created BotTrigger.  A stunning algorithm with a spectacular win rate that stacks the odds in your favor, helping you ride the waves and exit before a major pullback.

Happier Account Log-ins

Nothing is bulletproof when it comes to the market, but make no mistake, BotTrigger will make sure your logging-in to more wins than losses.  In fact, BotTrigger is brutally objective getting you out of a losing trade.

Although BotTrigger can stomach a drawdown, it will non-negotiably limit heavy losses by exiting any position that breaks a healthy trend. 

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The BotTrigger Algorithm

BotTrigger's secret sauce is rather simple & straightforward. 

BotTrigger scans for high probability setups on stocks that

are likely to either breakout, continue trending higher, or

breakdown for that matter. 


  • Momentum

  • Price Action

  • Volume Breadth

  • Macro Pattern Formations.

It does this by mapping some very key technical indicators that quantify the power & health of a stock's trend, relative to the prior trend, all within the context of pattern recognition.


Some of the indicators that influence BotTrigger's results are very classic, successfully proven indicators, such as: RSI, Stochastics, MACD, Chaikin Money Flow and some key others. 



Whats unique here → BotTrigger merges many of these powerful momentum indicators and looks for an alignment amongst them, all that confer the same inference. 

How to use BotTrigger

Email & Mobile Notification
Email Alert →  You'll get an alert notification every time we buy/sell. The report will also indicate exact price-entry for new holdings & exit prices of any positions that were closed out. More importantly, we treat our Members intelligently like the jury in a court room. We present the evidence on why we're taking the trade. I'll tell you this much we're right far more often than we're wrong: 54 positive trades vs 9 negative trades from 2016 to present (stats updated 7/15/17). Full transparent record inside the Members area.
Mobile Text Alert → You'll also receive real-time mobile alerts for exact entry & exits.



Buy & Sell
Login to your Broker & buy/sell based on the evidence we've presented - at your discretion.  Many traders/investors mirror our trades and others use it as an educational guide to help shed some color. It's totally up to you!  You'll notice time & time again that BotTrigger got you neatly out with a nice return, many times right before a top was formed. 
Take notice of how BotTrigger has diversified into each holding.  Many times it may be equally split, but sometimes we may weight an allocation more heavily than other holdings.


Trade Peacefully,

Grow Your Portfolio

& Appreciate Your Life

We hope you'll appreciate what it's like to catch high quality names that are trending strong.  We don't hyper day-trade here or trade based on emotion and fear.