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$ICX Trade Alerts: Up Over 200% - Mainnet Launched & 5 New DAPPS Building on ICON - tba Jan 31st

UPDATED: January 28, 2018

We have a technical breakout underway on ICON $ICX. Get ready to see another bull run on this name. We have a accelerating volume picking up as it makes it's way off the bottom of a massive support line while it's satoshi-inching closer to the neckline breakout zone of 85,000 satoshis. This move is also being cultivated within a statistically bullish pattern known as an "inverted / inverse head & shoulder pattern." Once we peak above 85k sat take notice of how this move will get chased. ICON has been coiling energy in this whole pattern. Think of it like a pent up, caged werewolf getting ready to moon.

As scheduled / promised ICON announced the launch of their Mainnet back on January 24th.

By the end of the month on January 31, 2018, ICON will host their 1st ICON Annual Summit titled “The Genesis”, appropriately at one of the most iconic, tallest skyscrapers in the world — Lotte World Tower. It is here where ICON will present it's plan how they intend to hyper connect the world —  connecting the synergy of all Blockchain protocols via interoperability. This is a huge 7 hour long event with blockchain veterans, entrepreneurs, influencers. ICON will be presenting their mainnet demo, business plan, technical roadmap, DApps on the network & a VIP dinner the night before.

Interestingly, this event is timed just before the Lunar New Year (super blue moon eclipse) — but most importantly, this when ICON will announce 5 new Teams that will be building their DApps on top of the ICON blockchain. Let the scoreboard begin! This is outstanding news for ICON. If you all will remember, NEO went up more than 50% when it was announced that Redpulse would launch their ICO & build their DApp on top of NEO.


UPDATED: January 24, 2018

ICON Is coiling like a springboard here. Don't expect an immediate breakout on this surge...back & fill to be expected as giant surges such as this are retested. The surges are retested to ensure that the move is real whilst thinning out the sell side of orders. The mores work that is done in this area is ultimately work that washes out the sell book. It's only until you have a thin sellbook that that a strong breakout move can flourish as a continuation move to the upside. We're expecting a breakout NORTH. #sitonyourhands and do nothing. ICON has a sign on it's door that says: DO NOT DISTURB


UPDATED: January 20, 2018

BotTrigger Crypto Trade Alert: $ICX Added back to ICON per our Sleeping Giants Report @ .00073100 BTC


UPDATED: January 10, 2018

Crypto Trade Alert: $ICX Reduced @ .00078200 BTC by 50% of our ICON position.

First off, congrats everyone! We're up about 195% since buy alert 1 & +77% since buy alert 2 - We are reducing our position to preserve our BTC value on this bearish setup brewing. Right now this just looks like a near-term pullback as this alt_coin rally is showing well deserved signs of needing to take a rest.

A little perspective....ICON is up more than 800% in less than 30 days. This is still a moon core position that we intend to build on but there is no denying that we will see multiple -40 to -60% pullbacks along it's uptrend to $50 to $100 by years end. Our goal in certain pockets of setups will be to moderately trade exploit these setups as they cultivate.

Note* ICON is intended to be grown as a core position that we will be building up over the months. We are merely temporarily reducing here and not selling the full stack our ICON. For those who don't want to trade around this...we believe ICON is a fine long term HODL. We are merely reducing here with the intent to increase our position size once a bottoming pattern starts to cultivate near the lows.

We have sufficient evidence at this time to suggest that we could see another -20% to -30% drop from current levels:

→ Bearish Crossover occurring on this 2hr time frame on the MACD momentum oscillator here at a peak extreme high point. When aligned with other technical confluences, this nearly almost means there is more downside risk than upside risk

→ Take notice of the red highlighted boxes on the chart that show you how many peak to trough pullbacks $ICX has gone through. We can see the first pullback was -42% pullback, then a -29% pullback, -32% & this recent pullback so far is around -14% ...We're up significantly so let's take some off here and look for a bottoming formation to take place where we can reenter lower.


We will update as this pullback progresses.


UPDATED - January 1, 2018

BotTrigger: Crypto Trade Alert $ICX ICON ADDED .00043950 BTC on the Binance Exchange with another 5% position. Up now more than 65% since our first buy alert our intention is is to growth this into a solid core position for 2018. We're getting a strong breakout from this descending trend line along this consolidation range. What's more, this breakout is occurring on accelerated volume coming in here on this 2hr time frame while we have our 2 key momentum oscillators sporting "bullish crossovers" on both the MACD & Stochastics indicators. This is a ripe technical setup that has the earmarkings of a breakout en route to retest the highs and will likely eclipse those highs. The behavior we're seeing take place on ICON is reminiscent of what we saw with NEO from the run of $4 to $90. Again, ICON is a dAPP proliferation platform that will compete with the likes of the others in the dApp sector alongside with Ethereum, NEO, ARK, ADA, LISK etc. Their tech has some superior angles that we've discussed previously such as Interoperability which aims to connect all the different blockchains to communicate together. They're going beyond just competing with Ethereum or NEO but rather creating the bridge that allows concert communication. THIS is what we especially love about ICON! Their vision & mission is absolutely within the spirit of Blockchain decentralization Also, remember here, ICON barely just started trading on the Binance exchange. It's only a matter of time that ICON will be listed on Coineone exchange which is one of the largest Asian crypto exchanges and the very exchange that Icon owns. And then what happens when Bittrex gets their turn to list Icon? The capital liquidity inflows will only increase in size as the more exchanges pick this up. Beyond those notes alone, the bigger play on ICON is their alliance with Aion & $WANCHAIN. $WANchain is our next big accumulation play once it gets listed which is expected to take place in late January. Think of Wanchain is the XRP Ripple of Asia. Both ICON & WANCHAIN will be published in our most "Sleeping Giants of 2018" publication as the most promising cryptocurrencies to Moon higher this new year. Also, we're looking for an entry on the following plays to be announced soon. However, any of these can be picked up at their current levels we're just considering /awaiting for a broader alt pullback. Either way, you can be sure that we will be adding these following 4 others below - our reasoning will be published shortly:

Phore (PHR)

ChainLink (LINK)

Ethos (ETHOS)

RaiBlocks (XRB)

Storm (STORM)


ORIGINAL POST - December 23, 2017

BotTrigger: Crypto Trade Alert $ICX ICON Bought @ .00026500 BTC around the $4.10 USD area on the Binance Exchange with a starting 5% position. There's a very good reaosn why this one is melting higher. Known as the Ethereum of Korea, ICON is in the dApp (decentralized applications) sector which is the brick & mortar of Blockchain proliferation. This has $NEO written all over it & will be contender w/ the likes of $ETH $LSK $ADA Cardona. We will do a deeper dive on this later but here are the succinct & salient highlights:

→ ICON owns the CoinOne exchange which is among the top 10 largest crypto trading exchanges in the world. But that's not even close to what this project is about. I'm just going to start with that tidbit.

→ The Founder was a silicon valley investment banker doing IPOs for large startups before moving to Korea to start one of the largest Fintech companies in the world..ICON is part of that group. Check out the interview with the founder of ICON by Bitsize Bitcoin here It's a solid interview where you can get some intimate color of what this project is about and their founder. The interviewer himself is a little off the handle at times but does deliver gems more often than not.

→ ICON blockchain has been in development for the past 2 years & is already one of the world's ENTERPRISE blockchain networks working with 25 security firms, 6 hospitals, 3 universities (10 added by end of 2017) and various banks have on-boarded. All currently using the ICON loop blockchain (so this is not NEO whereby they "hope" the demand will come. The takeaway here is that the ICON blockchain is already IN USE now. They've just only recently ICO'd and started trading on HITBTC exchange back in October & then very recently was released on the Binance exchange back on December 17

→ Already established one the largest partnerships with SBI Ripple Asia announced in Sept to do cross border remittance for entire Korea

→ Just as China did with NEO, do not underestimate the BUYING POWER the Koreans have. They are among the world's biggest crypto buyers, and just like the Chinese were with NEO, are extremely patriotic. For example, the pump & accumulation that occurred on TRON TRX (which is still going btw) took TRON from $120mill to $2.6 in market cap billion is largely all capital that came from Korean exchanges. Think about that for a moment.

Again here is TRON on CoinMarketCap

And here is ICON. Their market-cap has yet to be calibrated which is a temporary occurrence that results during the beginning stages of it's trading cycle until more Exchanges are able to accumulate enough liquidity to introduce it to their own exchange. With ICON trading only on HitBTC exchange & now Binance, it's clear from the steadiness of this trend that ICON is largely being accumulated. We see this happen repeatedly with crypto, they get listed exclusively with 1 or 2 exchanges at the start, and then as they are picked up by other exchanges they are introduced to a whole new pool of liquidity inflows that come in droves causing the catalysts for more moon cycles. In other words, once ICON get's listed on Bittrex, you will very likely see a giant surge in buying pressure and price action. It's not uncommon to see 40% to 100% gains immediately upon seeing an exchange pick up said coin. It happens all the time. Many crypto traders utilize this sole strategy as a core part of their trading model, which is to accumulate coins where only one exchange has the strong hold of that supply/listing...and then wait until the coin gets listed on the next prominent exchange.

→ Exchange listing with Bithumb extremely likely in 2018 & I'm certain that this will inevitably be on Bitttrex. Bittrex has nearly everything but they tend to get the Asian side of the coins after the fact largely due to regional relationships. Bittrex is an American exchange so their bias on the accumulation side of projects tends to be domestic projects first more often than not.

→ Inter-connectivity between different blockchains, a la Cosmos/Polkadot via their Interoperability Tech. Learn more about this on the ICON website here

→ Growing list of huge partners including Samsung

→ Group has 600 employees

I→ f you've been following the dAPP sector, then you saw the massive run ups that have occurred lately on this space. For example Cardano $ADA went from $.01 cent at a market cap of $430 million to as high as $0.58 cents at a $15 Billion market cap SINCE OCTOBER of this year. That's seriously what's happening in the crypto landscape. But it's all about Gem picking the right projects. Cardano in it's own right is a brilliant project that's poised with the tech that could potentially dethrone Ethereum based on the tech solutions that I have currently in test net (beta). So there are no points on the score board yet with Cardano and yet somehow it got up to #7 largest market cap on cryptocurrencies. More on $ADA in a separate post.

→ Again there astronomical run-ups across the board on several of these such as TRON $TRX, IOTA, $EOS, $XLM (all of which are in the dAPP Sector of Blockchain platform proliferation), I'm uber confident we'll see a very similar color in scope occur here on ICON. The tech, history, team, & momentum are all there on this project.

→ A solid post by Forbes exploring the potential of how ICON's blockchain model is positioned to connect an entire countries & global interconnectivity on the blockchain.

Our plan is to add more size to $ICX if we can get a sufficient pullback. I've drawn out an example of what you might expect to place your own limit orders should you chose to wait. For us right now, we've decided to add this at the price .00026500 BTC with a 5% starting allocation.

Note* I subscribe to a pretty respectable list of 50 some youtubers who routinely do quality analysis & interviews with crypto projects. Anyone in crypto who is taking their research seriously should be studying the projects, reading over the white paper and peering into their social landscape. Look at their twitter, reddit, slack & or Telegram channels. Do they have a strong following & fanatic community support. More importantly why are they supporting the project. Vet out if you're looking at projects that are largely supported by pumpers or astute intellects from the blockchain community.

I'll publish a list of what I've what I've vetted out as quality crypto youtubers who publish solid content in the space along with my the blockchain twitter profiles. If anyone has interest in that list feel free to let me know so I know the interest is there.

Resources to learn about ICON





Some of the greatest pearls shared by Jesse Livermore:

“Money is made by sitting, not trading.”

“The desire for constant action irrespective of underlying conditions is responsible for many losses in Wall Street even among the professionals, who feel that they must take home some money everyday, as though they were working for regular wages.”

“Buy right, sit tight.”

“Nobody can catch all the fluctuations.”

“There is a time for all things, but I didn’t know it. And that is precisely what beats so many men in Wall Street who are very far from being in the main sucker class. There is the plain fool, who does the wrong thing at all times everywhere, but there is the Wall Street fool, who thinks he must trade all the time. Not many can always have adequate reasons for buying and selling stocks daily – or sufficient knowledge to make his play an intelligent play.”

“It takes time to make money.”

“Don’t give me timing, give me time.”

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