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Every text message/alert that is sent to your mobile will always be one of the following formats
BotTrigger TRADE ALERT →  This distinguishes a formal buy or sell alert trade...or if a limit-order of some kind has been placed. If the text ever starts off with "BotTrigger Trade Alert" then it means we're formally buying or selling a position.
BotTrigger TRADE UPDATE →This distinguishes an existing trade that we are already long & therefore provides ongoing analysis or commentary on the progress of that trade.
BotTrigger TRADE WATCH →  This distinguishes a trade setup that we're currently stalking/observing for an entry on an asset that we have not yet taken a position on.  We will often tend to ongoing analysis on assets that are on our watch list.
NOTE*  In our conversations together, if you ever casually say the word "Stop Loss"in a text reply for example, it will automatically trigger an unsubscribe. We ask that you instead say "SL" and we'll know what you mean.
To resubscribe to our alerts simply log-in to the Members page & click on "Member Alerts"  From there you'll be able to distinguish which alert type you like: Stock Alerts, Crypto Alerts, or Both Alerts.
*subscribing to Both Alerts saves 20% & will automatically add an additional $75 to your monthly billing subscriptions if you're not already a member of both groups, with a 1 month free trial on that specific add-on. You can downgrade or cancel anytime you like
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